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Premium discounts could be available for your homeowner insurance policy.

I perform wind mitigation inspections in Saint Petersbug, Clearwater, Seminole, Largo, Redington Beach, Madeira Beach and all of Pinellas County.
If you have certain building features or make improvements that will strengthen your home against the destructive power of hurricane force winds, you could save on your windstorm insurance policy premium. In fact, some of these features may already exist on your home. For instance, just a permitted complete re-roofing of the home could get you a few insurance discounts that were not available to you before.
Below is an example of a home that doesn't have rafter tie down clips, doesn't have a 2001 compliant roof covering or any window protection that qualifies for insurance discounts. However it still qualifies for wind premium discounts of 24% at about half of the 147 insurance companies in the state simply because it has a "Hip" style roof.

House and Location
Construction Type: Existing Construction
Year Built: Prior to 2002
County: Pinellas
Wind Speed Region: 120 MPH
Terrain Region: Terrain B
Wind-Borne Debris Region: Windborne Debris Region

Basic Construction Features
Number of Stories: One Story
Roof Shape: Hip
General Roof Deck Type: Dimensional Lumber

Specific Roof Deck: Dimensional Lumber - 2 nails per board
Roof Cover: Non-FBC Tile
Has Secondary Water Resistance: No SWR
Roof-Wall Connection Type: Toe Nails
Opening Protection Type: None
Door Type: Unprotected Doors

You can check for yourself how your house might do by going to the following link. It will take you to the  Florida Wind Insurance Savings Calculator.
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